Hire equipment externally.

We require: *main signatory over 18+ to complete our Hire Agreement, *valid UK I.D, *proof of address & *security deposit.

PA systems, vocal monitors, mic sets, drum kits, keyboards guitar amplifier & bass amps.

Delivery & collection service. Payment required upfront.


(all prices
per day)
Peavey XR8300 PA Pack (2x300W) £30
Powered Vocal Monitor £10
Microphone Sets (stand, mic, clip & lead) £3

Add On Items

Powered Vocal Monitor £10
Microphone Sets (stand, mic, clip & lead) £3
Snare and Cymbals £10
DI box £2
DI box £2
Additional cables £1


(per day)
Drum Kit (excludes snare and cymbals) £25
Ashdown Electric Blue 130-12 Bass Combo £15
Peavey Tour 450 Bass Rig (4x10 cab) £25
Ampeg SVT2 Bass Rig (4x10 cab) £35
Peavey Windsor Studio Guitar Combo (15W) £15
Peavey Windsor Guitar Rig (100W) (4x12 cab) £25
Vox AC30 £35
Marshall JCM800 £35
Fender Twin £35
Peavey 5150 £35
Peavey 5150 rig £35
We also have Marshall JMP, Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier, Orange OR120 & Roland Jazz Chorus amps available
M-Audio Prokeys88 Stage Piano £20
Nord Electro 73 keyboard £20

Minimum Charge £15